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The advantages of production with glove knitting machine

Gloves are the main textiles to protect hands. They can prevent people from being hurt at work, and have good heat preservation effect. They can protect hands and keep them warm in winter.
The production of gloves requires the use of a variety of glove knitting machines. Generally, they are processed by using sinkers when knitting. After the gloves are produced, they have good elasticity and toughness. They are very comfortable and soft to wear. Now very popular magic gloves are also made with this kind of gloves knitting machine. In order to make the production of gloves have better economic benefits, the air jet device is sometimes used to remove the dust on the gloves, so that the gloves have a higher grade after weaving.
The glove machine is used for knitting to make the operation more convenient. For example, the use of LCD on the machine can help people better understand the operation of the device in various states, and the interface switching is very convenient. The manual centralized lubrication system is adopted. As long as the oil pump is pulled, it will automatically inject oil to reach the required position, which is very convenient for maintenance, so that the use of the glove machine has higher productivity.
The gloves produced by the glove knitting machine will be round and smooth at the fingertips, which is very comfortable to wear. Moreover, the lubrication system of the equipment is fully automatic and centralized, which is more convenient for operation. The needle bed is also very solid. The triangle mechanism used and the triangle of the machine head are made of super quality steel, and the computer is used to control the quenching process, so that the metal has better wear resistance and higher hardness.
The use of the glove knitting machine has replaced the traditional manual knitting method. It is controlled by the computer system, which makes the glove production more efficient and produces more high-quality gloves.

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